Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Madness... let the week begin!

so many details- so little time and energy to post....

OK- so I started this post Monday, just getting back to it.

WARNING: long post, lotsa info:

It's now Wednesday- What did I promise? A weekend update, meal plan... Well, Nick and I discussed some goals, budget and spending during our date on Thursday. We decided we would attack starting FRIDAY. We started by calling through accounts- looking to trim some fat- I got some interesting info from that. First, we obviously know that food is a major expense. It's time to stop using so many lines on the spreadsheet to feed the problem. (lunch, dinner, pay for others, grocery, entertainment).

Our findings from Friday research and calls:
  1. You can't negotiate your city taxes. note to self -again- Scottsdale= expensive
  2. AAA insurance we bundle home and car -it's the best for us.
  3. SW Gas- water heater (should be set to 120degrees and the recirculating should be on a timer for hours you need hot water) and furnace (change your filters, recommended temp for winter 65-68 if your health permits)
  4. Energy Specialist Hot line 800-654-2765 will send you a brochure on ways to cut costs and make your home more energy efficient.
  5. APS we are on the time saver plan (noon-7p.m. are peak hours). I do everything I can on off hours, before bed and before noon.
  6. Water co- looked up info on how often and how much to water our grass, trees, plants- changed accordingly.
  7. Phone- we called, Qwest "couldn't do anything"
  8. Cable/ Internet- they wanted us to bundle; cable, Internet and phone. Offered us all the phone service we currently have plus unlimited long distance for 24.99 mo (BIG savings for us) PLUS- I found a $100 rebate for switching- SCORE of the Day!
  9. Cell- reviewed plan- switch to less minutes - savings again!!!
  10. Car insurance- AAA best for us.
  11. Gas- could drive less, not a huge priority- gotta have a life!
  12. Water service- called, got info to go online fill out comment and got next months service free : )
  13. FOOD: Yikes! Eat in more- starting NOW! : )

OK, so food. I went grocery shopping on Saturday- Fresh and Easy again. I used $30 in store coupons (i got while checking out).

Here are my meal options for this week:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, hard boiled, breakfast burrito, cereal, oatmeal, pb toast

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, tuna salad, pizza, grilled cheese/ soup and Favorite: Lemon cilantro chicken, lime cilantro hummus pita- OMG yum!!!


  • Beef Tacos, chips/ guacamole, black beans
  • Tuesday: Gymnastics night Chick-fil-a (kids eat free)
  • Ravioli, Salad, garlic bread
  • Cheesy eggs, bacon, English muffins, melons
  • Baked chicken, broccoli, rice
  • Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Date night: Babysitter- Mac-n-cheese and fruit

fallback plan: Hungry Howie $5.99 large pizza.

OK- don't laugh- that's BIG for me. : )

Weekend Highlight: We decided to stay in for date night Saturday. Nick wanted to save and watch the ASU game. I wanted to do something special for Nick. I got a recipe he has been requesting from a friend and made him Chicken Enchiladas- oh so good! We loved the evening. : )


Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I'm curious what the water suggestions were...and I'm going to call to get that brochure.

I can't believe how much money you saved!! You go girl!

Melissa said...

mI knew I would have your attention... : )

so much info, I'll post it...